Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Google WebMaster tool in liferay

For Better SEO  for your website register your site in google webmaster tools.
To Register your site in Webmaster tools Follow Steps:
!)  sign up /sign in at
2) add your website
3) Now as shown in below screenshot it will ask to verify ownership of website by  giving a html file to be uploaded on your Website in <HEAD> tag.Now as we have no server access to upload this file in root directory.So to get rid of this problem we have to first download that html file and upload that file in document library in liferay 6.0 as well as in 6.1.x in document and media.
4) After uploading a file ,Create a new page with name, same as  the file name you uploaded with given extension as shown in below screenshot
5) As shown above ,select the page type to be"URL"
6) In URL field add the url from the document library where you uploaded the html file.
7) And your site is registered in google webmaster tools.