Friday, 28 June 2013

What is Liferay? User Guide

To understand liferay we first have to understand about portal,so question arise here what is portal?
Portal is a platform for building websites and also web applications.

This is image of one kind of portal in liferay.
Now,Liferay is one type of CMS based on java . Liferay is open source portal.
Here are the Liferay Features

  • Out of the Box tools
  • SOA Framework
  • Dynamic Drag and Drop
  • Secure Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Work from Desktop Tools
  • Granular Role-Based Authorization
  • Search and Tagging
  • Communities and Organizations
  • Personal User Pages
  • Multi-Language Support.
Liferay Development Basic Requirement are as follows
  1. Eclipse
  2. Tomcat Server
  3. Portal Source
  4. Plugin SDK
  5. 2 GB Ram
  6. Any Database(Especially My SQL)
If you want to download Liferay portal then Click on this following Link: